Frequently Asked Questions

What does Greyhound purchase?

Greyhound Procurement supports the organization’s mission by purchasing direct and indirect services and goods.  Some direct vehicle purchases include:

Coach Bus Parts (Air Conditioner Compressors, Alternators, Batteries, Bearings, Belts, Hoses, Tensioners, Brakes, Coolants, Engines and Parts, Exhaust (Mufflers, Clamps and Exhaust Pipes), Fan Clutches, Filters, Fuel System Parts, Mirrors, Oil Pumps, Radiators, Seals, Tires,  Water Pumps, Wheel Chair Lifts, and Wiper Blades).

Indirect purchases include services and goods to support national, regional and local needs and requirements for operations and facilities.

How are purchases made?

Purchase Orders or Contracts are issued, based on award of Bids or Proposals.

How does the competitive bidding process work?

  • Greyhound Procurement issues competitive proposals which may be advertised on the website.  
  • Greyhound Procurement will strategically source qualified suppliers and invite participants to respond to quotes/bids or proposals.  
  • Proposals and bids are carefully evaluated for qualifications and best-value solutions, which are presented to our internal departments for evaluation and award decisions. 
  • Discussions and negotiations may be held with potential awardees for final determination and selection to enter into a contract or purchase.
  • Contract execution must be complete prior to the start of any service or the ordering of any good.
What are the factors taken into consideration when determining an award?

Contracts are awarded to the best evaluated proposal. The primary evaluation criteria include, completeness of proposal/quote, demonstrated ability to meet technical requirements or scope of work, exceptions to terms and price.

How will I know if I’m getting an award as the result of my bid submission?

Winning and non-winning bidders will be notified.

Generally, what is the term of most contracts?

Generally, the term of most contracts is one (1) year initial term with option to renew up to two (2) additional one (1) year periods.

What are the insurance requirements?

Greyhounds standard insurance requirements are as follows:

  • General Liability – $3M
  • Auto Liability – $3M
  • Worker’s Comp – Statutory Limits
  • Employer’s Liability – $1M
  • Umbrella/Excess Liability – $5M

What are the payment terms?Net 60

Do I need a valid email address?

Yes, a valid email address is required to be set up as a vendor as well as to receive an invitation to bid.

Do I have to electronically sign my agreement?

Electronic signature via DocuSign is Greyhounds preferred method of contract execution.